Discover the Truth hiding deep within you

In the very center your being – beneath the fear, guilt, and shame of your ego – is all the pure love, power, and wisdom you need to solve your problems and live a peaceful, abundant life.

Join me for conversations that dive deep into the worthiness and lovability of Who You Really Are, hidden beneath your ego’s shadow.

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Wanna be in the Hot Seat?

I love helping enlightened entrepreneurs understand what their professional struggles and chronic health conditions have to teach them.

During our podcast conversation, I’ll lead you to the one Truth you most need to know to overcome your current challenge. Are you ready?

  Meet Your Host

Christina Ammerman, The Core Wound Healer

Christina Ammerman is a masterful healer with the mind of an engineer. Much of what she understands about the human mind and energy comes from healing her personal experiences with childhood trauma.

Christina’s innovative work with the Core Wounds has brought complete and permanent healing to clients who had been failed by other traditional and alternative approaches.

Her structured approach to intuitive assessment of the human mind, body, and energy brings precision and bold insight into areas of the human experience that have been vague or unknown.