There's Truth inside each of us

In the very center your being – beneath the fear, guilt, and shame of your ego – is all the pure love, power, and wisdom you need to solve your problems and live a peaceful, abundant life.

Join me for conversations that dive deep into the worthiness and lovability of Who You Really Are, hidden beneath your ego’s shadow.

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Wanna be in the Hot Seat?

I love helping enlightened entrepreneurs understand what their personal and professional struggles have to teach them.

During our podcast conversation, I’ll lead you to the one Truth you most need to know to overcome your current challenge. Are you ready?

Take the clearly-defined path to your own Truth 

Christina's path to finding truth from Love was to combine the Thelema mystery school tradition with deep emotional healing.

Now, that same path is available to you. This experiential approach to learning turns your life into your classroom, with resources to help you understand what life is teaching you and make tangible improvements that integrate Spirit into your daily life.